November 5-6 2016

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Cape Fear Kite Festival
193 Ramsgate Trl
Kure Beach, NC 28449

Phone: (910) 520-1818

Wind and weather

Wind and weather
October 23, 2016 Judy Agner

November 5th and 6th will be here before we know it! All this beautiful weather in the last two weeks makes us hope it will continue. We say the times are 10am to 4pm but you will see kite flyers out there before 10 and after 4 if conditions are right. That being the key phrase – last year we had a perfect, warm and sunny day on Saturday and flew everything we brought. Sunday, the wind was 30-40 mph, and it turned cold and rainy. Folks asked “why aren’t you flying kites?” Well, there is such a thing as too much wind – many of these big show kites have intricate stitching and interior lines to facilitate the shape and that much wind can destroy them. And when all that fabric gets heavy from being wet… well, you know what happens. So with that being said, please understand that all the kite flyers want to put on a show for you and will do everything in their (our) power to make it happen!
See you then! Judy