November 5-6 2016

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Cape Fear Kite Festival
193 Ramsgate Trl
Kure Beach, NC 28449

Phone: (910) 520-1818


  • Thank you all so much!

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    We are so thankful for the thousands of spectators who came out to support this year’s festival. You bought tee shirts and kites (and YES, we will have many more next year), told good stories, shared pictures and posted wonderful comments on our Facebook page. In this Christmas season (especially) we give thanks for all this special things and people in our lives. Thank you all for supporting the festival and Merry Christmas!
    Mike and Judy

  • 2017 is a wrap!

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    What a weekend! The Ranger at the festival site estimated ten THOUSAND spectators over the two days. The weather was great, hundreds of kites in the air at various times and lots of smiling faces. A great big thank you to the kite flyers, food trucks, the Rangers at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, our community partner – the Aquarium down the street, and all of you who came out to make it what it was!

  • From this morning’s newspaper

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    The weather is looking perfect – warm, temperatures in the 70’s! Now if we can just have winds that are just as perfect (10-12 mph from the northeast), we can put on a show for you!!

  • 10 day forecast!

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    While we understand that a ten day forecast is just that, wouldn’t this be awesome!?!

  • Come and get ’em!

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    The long sleeved tee-shirts are being printed and the kites for sale have arrived. We have looked diligently for optional ways to purchase these – the card reader (Square) only works optimally when connected to WiFi, which is not available on the beach and we have, sadly, accepted checks that subsequently bounced. There is a cash machine at the adjacent NC Aquarium. So cash will be the only form of payment.
    The tee shirts will be available in Carolina blue (by popular request) and in athletic grey for $25. 2XL and 3XL are $30.
    the easy to fly, dependable Delta style kites (with winder and line will be $35.
    Thank you for understanding and see you soon!

  • Almost here!

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    Counting down now!! When we get closer, will start posting the weather forecasts and praying/hoping for great days.

    In addition, by popular request, we will have a donation jar in hopes that folks will contribute to keep this event going. Please remember that we are totally not-for-profit, no admission charge, no kiter entry fees, no paid contests, just depending on the sale of the tee shirts and kites. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    * When is it? November 4th and 5th 10-4 weather/wind permitting. There is not an alternative date.
    * How do I get tickets? The event is completely free – no ticket required.
    HOWEVER there will be a donation jar to help keep the festival going.
    * Where do we park? There is a large parking lot at the site and we have an agreement with the adjacent North Carolina Aquarium to park at their facility. There is some roadside parking but be aware and respectful of the posted no parking areas.
    * Can I bring my dog? Yes, but must be leashed.
    * Is it OK to bring my own kites? Yes of course! All we ask is that you do not fly them in amongst the large show kites as when/if the lines get tangled, the big kites cannot be brought down.
    * Will there be food? Yes, we have commitments from both Poor Piggy’s and Vittles food trucks for both days.

  • Courtyard by Marriott

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    Hopefully those of you that are traveling from out of town are taking advantage of the special “kite festival spectator rate” offered by the Courtyard at Carolina beach. Be sure, when you are making your reservation, to tell them you are here for the kite festival to get that greatly reduced rate that is only available till October 4th.

  • Bargain rates at Courtyard by Marriott

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    The Courtyard by Marriott has given kite festival spectators a special room rate for the festival weekend. As many of you know, this is an oceanfront hotel with direct access to the beach front and Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Their special rate is $94.00 with a two night minimum (usual weekend rate $149+). This rate is only guaranteed till October 4th (a month before the festival). There are a limited number of rooms in this block so call early and reserve your space. The direct number is
    (910) 458-2030 and identify yourself as a kite festival spectator.
    Thanks! Judy

  • This year’s tee shirts

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    Last year we got a LOT of requests for long sleeved tee shirts so this year we’re doing it! They will be available in Carolina Blue (as many requested) as well as athletic grey in sizes youth to 3X. $25 for youth through XL and $30 for 2X and 3X. Although the order has been placed, they will not be available till late October so no pre-orders, sorry. You’ll just have to come Saturday for the best shopping selection.

  • Less than three months to go!

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    It’s getting time for all the stars to line up as we get closer to Festival time. Due to popular consensus, we are going back to long sleeved tee shirts this year and will hopefully be able to offer more than one color. In addition, Poor Piggy’s food truck has signed on and we are negotiating with a coffee/smoothie truck as well. The American Kite Flyers Association will be sanctioning the event and with that comes publicity through their regional and National sites. We continue to grow but it is all because of you!

  • Community Partnership with NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

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    The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher has generously agreed to be our Community Partner for the Kite Festival again this year! Hopefully that means they will have another educational and informative display on the beach as well as discount tickets for Aquarium admission. They also share their parking areas for the event! Thank you so much to the staff and Board for your support.

  • Courtyard by Marriott Special Rate

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    We are excited to let you know that the Courtyard by Marriott in Carolina Beach has again offered a special rate of $94.00 per night (two night minimum) for spectators for the Cape Fear Kite Festival weekend. The usual rate is $149/night. There is a block of rooms being held by the hotel and that rate will be available till 10/3/17 – a month before the event.
    The hotel’s number is 910-458-2030 so be sure to tell them you are a kite festival spectator!

  • Saturday

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    Can you believe this weather? While it lasts, Michael and I will go down to the North End (otherwise known as Freeman Park) at Carolina Beach tomorrow around 10 to air out some kites we haven’t flown in a while. If you’re in the area, come find us! You can just park and walk on as we will be near the entrance – if the wind is right, we’ll be easy to find!

  • Thanks Gary.

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    A big thank you to Gary Cane ( for the design, coaching and upkeep of the Cape Fear Kite Festival web site. For years we’ve been getting requests for a web site and Gary made it happen!

  • CFKF 2016

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  • Thank you!

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    The 11th Cape Fear Kite Festival is a wrap!  Thank you to the thousands (yes, thousands) of spectators who made it worth our while, to our daughter Holly, who sold everything we had, to the very patient park rangers as they dealt with the steady overflow of traffic, to the food trucks who nearly sold out, but especially to the kite/banner flyers who came from up and down the East coast to make it all happen.  We simply could not have done it without you….

    Mike and Judy Agner

  • Here we go!

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    We (the organizers) are as prepared as we can be but there will be many things that cannot be done till the last minute and those minutes have arrived. That being said, I will no longer be able to answer individual questions posted on the web page or Facebook page so please understand. I will try to keep the Facebook page updated each day with information and pictures. Please scroll through the site for additional information.
    Thank you all so much for making this what it is, we literally couldn’t/wouldn’t do it without you!
    Mike and Judy
  • Latest forecasts

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    Counting down now! Weather forecast remains unchanged with chilly starts to both mornings with high near 70. Winds forecast to be out of the NNE at 7-9 which would be right down the beach. Plenty of tee shirts for another layer in the morning and kites to tempt you into joining us in this fun sport! As my husband likes to say, “sure the kites cost, but the wind is free!”cfkfmike

  • Help keep the festival going

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    Cape Fear Kite Festival is totally non-profit, organized and run by two dedicated kite flyers who just want to spread the word. That being said, the only way we can keep this going is for you to support us by buying festival tee shirts and kites. The short sleeved shirts (blue) are $20 and the long sleeved (white and available in select sizes) are on sale for $20. We also bring a few easy to fly, simple to put together kites ranging in price from
    $20-$30. Thank you in advance for your support! And don’t forget the food trucks, they are independent operators and will be out in the parking lot. See you soon!!